Automation for PECVD

Automation for PECVD

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Wafer Handling Plasma High Throughput (boat loader/ unloader) is designed for the fully automatic loading and unloading of process boats (e.g. graphite boats), which are used within batch-type systems for passivation and anti-reflective coating in c-Si solar cell processing. Thanks to its excellent process flexibility, the WHP HTP 8000 system is not only a perfect solution for un-/loading nitride coating processes, but also for the operation in the production of highly efficient solar cell concepts, such as PERC or PID free solar cells.

Features and Benefits

  • Configured for a variety of pipe systems for passivation and nitride coating (e.g. SiNx, SiOx, AlOx)
  • Configurable with regard to material supply | Automation and chemical carriers
  • Exact wafer alignment
  • >Multiple vacuum gripper with single wafer detection
  • igh process quality due to damage-free positioning and alignment of the wafers in the process boat
  • Automation of up to two process furnaces with one WHP
  • Integrated color measurement system
  • integrated material tracking
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