Cable Harness Tester

Cable Harness Tester

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Signature 1100H+, Hipot Cable/Harness Testing Made Easy

  • Complete Testing/Assured Quality
  • Quick, Easy to Use
  • Powerful yet Affordable
  • Buy with Confidence
  • Large Easy-to-Read Display
  • 4-Wire “Kelvin” Testing
  • CH2 xHV, High Voltage Cable, Harness, Backplane Testing Made Easy

  • Compact Size/Rack Mountable
  • Flexible-Easy To Use
  • Modular Design-Overnight Service
  • Multiple Resistance/Voltage Values per Wire
  • Guided Harness Assembly and Testing with easy-wire CR

  • Graphical Schematic Documentation
  • SPC Data Collection
  • Quick Set-Up and Change-Over
  • Reusable Components
  • Download PDF