CVD Reactors

SDR™ CVD Reactors

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GT Advanced Technologies is the market leader in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors used in the production of polysilicon. Our SDR™ series of reactors produce more of the polysilicon used in the solar industry than any other competing product. Our CVD reactors are high volume production chambers that utilize the proven Siemens-type process technology to manufacture high quality semiconductor grade or solar grade polysilicon.

GT’s SDR series of CVD reactors offers reliability and repeatability in a low maintenance process platform that is essential for high volume manufacturing environments.

SDR Series Reactor Capacity

    • SDR-300 over 300MTA
    • SDR-400 over 400MTA

SDR Series Power Consumption

    • 50 kwhr/kg Si

SDR Series Reactor Bundled Deliverables

    • Basic engineering package (BEP) includes operation and maintenance manuals
    • CVD reactor
    • Power supply
    • Transformer
    • Remote troubleshooting capability
    • Equipment start-up support
    • Process qualification support
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