Off Grid

Off Grid

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IMC offers Stand-alone or Off Grid Solar/Hybrid Systems to  customers with limited or no grid connectivity.  Also, increasing power bills and diesel costs are forcing customers to consider other sources of energy to meet their needs for electricity. With the government unable to meet the power requirement of the country due to various problems Solar looks like a viable alternative for the future.

IMC offers Off-Grid Systems with/without battery back-up with an option to connect to other sources of power such as wind or diesel generator when Solar is not available.It is extremely straightforward. Just visit our website to het the appropriate writing help you really deserve. There's no greater way to allow you to get the custom essays for sale of this degree you really deserve. Each System is designed keeping in mind the unique requirement of the customer and making full use of the available space.

IIMC firmly believes that PV solar has excellent possibilities in India. Off Grid solar is ideal to address its Geographic, Demographic range - to address mass electrification with electricity being available to all

Off-Grid solar requires best engineering practices to ensure maintenance free, reliable service

IMC with its engineering and techno-commercial capabilities is well poised to address Off-Grid solutions. It has certain orders under execution with one of 30KW capacity

IMC gets SP2B accreditation from ICRA for off-grid application as MNRE channel partner