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Inline junction isolation and rear side polishing

The InOxSide+ combines junction isolation and rear side polishing as a perfect preparation for a superior surface passivation. The patented single side etching technology ensures powerful polishing already at low etch depths with lowest cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated wet chemical single side etching in an inline type process on 5 lanes
  • Single side emitter etching, rear side polishing and removal of doped glasses (PSG/BSG)
  • Uses HF/HNO3/H2SO4 for single side etching yielding the best-in-class Cost of Ownership (CoO)
  • RENA patented technology
  • Adjustable rear side etching: 1 to 4 µm, up to 6 µm with RENA PreCon option)
  • Integrated rinsing and drying of wafer
  • Throughput up to 5000 wafer/hour
  • Compatible with M0, M1, M2, M4, M6 and M12 wafer size
  • Long bath lifetime due to feed-and-bleed function
  • Accurate dosing system for constant bath composition
  • Uses O-ring free roller design
  • Lowest breakage rate in industry
  • Based on RENA NIAK inline processing platform
  • High uptime
  • Easy maintenance
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