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AT-GDP Series BGA / QFN / SMT Placement & Rework Stations

Product Overview

The AT-GDP Series BGA Rework Systems are semi-automatic machines featuring the latest vision and process control technologies. Lead-Free applications consisting of complex components such as BGA’s, CSP’s, QFN’s, Flip Chips, and other SMD’s are reworked with ease and high quality results. Precise mechanics coupled with a comprehensive software package automates the device removal and installation processes.

Rigid design enables ultra precise placement to within 5 microns. Split Vision Optics allows simultaneous top of the PCB / bottom of the component viewing to superimpose and align both images. Split Imaging creates diagonal corner viewing for alignment of larger packages at high magnification. Absents of mirrors in the optics system ensure a clear and distortion free image quality. Precise closed loop reflow process control enables mimicking the original production profile. Software contains a database of predefined profiles which the user selects based on the package and PCB being reworked. Profiles may be easily modified, optimized, and stored for future use. Settings can be adjusted on-the-fly while the profile is running. Software controls reflow via forced air / nitrogen convection top heater, forced air convection localized bottom heater, and a large area Quartz IR preheater. Airflow at the top heater is monitored by the software as well and delivers unsurpassed temperature uniformity. This guarantees very gentle flow which cannot disturb even the smallest adjacent components. Controlled cooling of the part and PCB is accomplished via direct air / nitrogen flow at the top nozzle, air flow at the localized bottom heater, and large area underside board cooling.

Like other machines that our company has been producing for over the past 25 years, AT-GDP was designed to be very easy to use and capable of handling both today’s and tomorrow’s rework requirements. AT-GDP series offers unparalleled performance aimed at applications where precision and consistently high quality rework matters.

Key Features

  • Single Axis Placement and Reflow
  • Split Vision Optics with LED lighting
  • Forced Air/N2 Convection Top heater and Area Quartz IR / Focused Local Air Preheaters
  • Adjustable placement force
  • Computer control with comprehensive software package
  • Closed Loop process contro
  • Automated Z axis movement
  • Precision board holder with vacuum locking base, X-Y micrometers, underside support
  • Compressed air cooling bypassing the heater yields strong, quality joints
  • Five thermocouple inputs
  • Library of predefined profiles
  • Software controlled process sequencing with safety interlocks
  • Plug and Operate Configuration
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lead Free Compatible
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA
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