IMC offers consultancy services for:
  • Turnkey projects for Printed circuit board assembly (New projects set up, Expansion projects for existing facility, New product introduction).
  • Establish project requirement
  • Capital Equipment Selection, Cost, Lead Time
  • Line Capacity Calculation
  • Process Flow and Head Count (recommended)
  • Line Layout
  • Project Plan
  • Fixture requirement,Costs/Lead Time
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Methods, Standards, Documented Procedures
  • Customer , User, Supplier involvement during start up.
  • Project Management (Risk Management, Contingency Plans)
  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Project Analysis
  • Integrated Turnkey projects for Photo-voltaic lines and PV manufacturing equipments:
IMC provides Complete Integrated Solutions for companies that require :
  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Solar Cell maufacturing
  • Module manufacturing
Our Services:
  • Pre-sales and Post –sales product assessment
  • Simulation and Throughput analysis for the optimum product configuration
  • Onsite assistance for new project setup related to layout suggestions and facility requirement, installation & commissioning and machine evaluation.
  • Perform periodic preventive maintenance & support warranty spares support / services & suggest product upgrades and re-trofit kit for machines as applicable
  • Training of the customer engineers for machine operation and maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts to ensure best up-time on machine
  • Customized support plan to suit customers specific requirements
  • Perform Health-check of the machines and suggest spares / services required for better machine life / performance
  • Perform overhaul & calibration
  • IMC offers a comprehensive support program to meet customer's needs.
  • IMCTech’s are available for consultation / support for every product represented / sold by IMC by telephone to assist with machine performance /queries, Parts identification and to provide other information about machine operation and servicing.
  • IMC skilled field engineers perform machine and system installations, commissioning, troubleshooting, warranty support, post warranty support and contract services.
  • Continuous training process ensures that the field engineers stay abreast of machine enhancements and maintenance techniques.
  • Field engineers based at IMC office cover the whole of India, attend to customers problems at the shortest possible time.

Along with our principals IMC wants you to utilize your machine to its BEST capacity through Line optimization and operator / process training and reduce / eliminate unplanned downtimes resulting from operational errors.


Following are the levels of support available for customers to choose from:

  • Level 1: 24 X 7 TELEPHONIC TECHNICAL SUPPORT : Field engineers are available for consultation support by telephone to assist with machine performance questions, Parts identification, and to provide other information about machine operation and servicing .
  • Level 2: ANNUAL OPERATIONS CHECK AND EVALUATION : IMCTech's evaluate overall performance, inspect machine adjustments, advise on various maintenance techniques, and recommend any required changes to customer maintenance and operational practices. New features and equipment enhancements are discussed.
  • Level 3: PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE : This service is a contractual service for preventive maintenance which will be performed either monthly / quarterly and will cover all preventive maintenance steps as per the equipment manufacturers schedule. The service also includes an evaluation of customer's maintenance procedures and recommendations for corrective action.
  • Level 4: TROUBLESHOOTING MAINTENANCE AND OVERALL MAINTENANCE SERVICE: The service will resolve problems on the machines. Overhaul of machines at customers request will be done after a inspection and advice for procurement of spares necessary for such overhauls.
  • Level 5: TRAINING FOR MACHINE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE: IMC specialists will provide onsite training for customers engineers, supervisors on all aspects of machine operation and maintenance.
  • Level 6: RELIABILITY SUPPORT. Provide analysis and improvements to increase machine reliability.


  • Equipment selection: Service offered as a pre sale counseling to IMC customers. IMC studies the complete process/assemblies and suggest the customer the equipment's configuration best suited to meet volume and quality requirements considering the level of automation required by customer along with equipment layout suggestions and facility recommendations.
  • Process Support and Productivity support: IMC’s Process expertise gained through continuous exposure to varying customer line configuration and difficult to solve process problems is utilized by our clients to increase the line yields and utilize the equipment's optimally. Process yield improvements after studying customers major areas of concern to increase overall throughput.
  • Engineering support :
    IMC also helps establishing relationship with leading edge strategic customers to help you with your requirements of PCB redesigning, Identify spare machine capacities and deal with unique and advanced assembly requirements.
  • Product Calibration, Overhaul, Upgrades, Re-trofit :
    IMC helps the customer with proper recommendations for the Product calibration/ upgrades / re-trofit as per applicable for product performance / features enhancements.

  • Training support :
    IMC can provide equipments based onsite-training on the products for Basic Machines operations and maintenance. IMC can also offer for advanced level training to the customers as per request.

Please feel free to drop in your email to for any assistance on product / service.