Silane Plant VLSI Grade

Silane Modular Production Unit

GT Advanced Technologies offers a complete silane production unit designed as a standalone facility to produce VLSI grade silane for semiconductor and solar markets. GT’s modular 500-1000 MTPA silane production plant is constructed using efficient structural modules that decrease site work and reduce installation time. The silane production module, which includes work practice control and standardization, provides flexibility through scalability to speed start-up while lowering cost. GT’s silane production module can begin delivering quality silane within 24 months.

Silane modular production unit bundled deliverables:

  • Site evaluation
  • Block flow and process diagrams
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Basic engineering Package (BEP)
  • Equipment and structure
  • Manage installation echnical staff training
  • Start-up support
  • Operating guidelines
  • Analytical equipment
  • Control system

Additional silane modular production unit options:

  • TCS fed from an existing polysilicon production facility (OSBL) to the silane plant. In return, the silane plant sends STC back to an existing STC hydrogenation process (OSBL)
  • Outsourced TCS or STC (OSBL) fed to the silane plant, which has STC hydrogenation and off-gas recovery capability
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