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TRI-STAR M-100L Laser Based Marking System

Tri-Star Technologies, a world leader in automatic wire processing equipment introduces the M-100L, a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed, solid state UV Laser wire and cable marking system. Lasers have become one of the preferrred means of marking wire and cable because of their reliability, throughput, cleanliness and very low maintenance requirements. A key aspect of UV Laser marking is the absorption of the laser radiation on the surface of the wire insulation that changes its color without any damage to the material

TRI-STAR M-100L FG-TT Table Top UV Laser Wire Marking System

The M-100L FG-TT model SG (all electric model SGE also available) is portable, fully automatic, turnkey marking system that utilizes a UV solid state laser with an integrated high speed scanner. User friendly software allows unlimited font selection (any TrueType font for any language) as well as full graphics capabilities (pictures, logos, barcodes, etc.). The M-100L FG-TT model SG supports both vertical and horizontal text orientation, programmable message spacing, 3 separate zones of print with variable separation spaces, and source and destination coding on wire ends

TRI-STAR M-100J/M-100JS Ink Jet Wire Marker

The M-100J/M-100JS is a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed ink jet wire and cable marking system. This new and unique wire processing system is the first in the industry to integrate an in-line plasma pre-treatment system. This proprietary plasma device not only enhances the quality and durability of the mark, but it also gives the M-100J the ability to print on almost any wire insulation material, including fluropolymers (Tefzel, Teflon, etc.)

TRI-STAR Cold Laser™ Series Marking System

New for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Cold Laser™ creates indelible IDs for medical products. The Cold Laser™ system will cause absolutely no damage to thermally sensitive substrates. It even has the capability to mark pills through the clear window in a sealed blister pack

Ulmer Hot Printer MG 10 D

The hot printer MG10 D is specially for round cable, wire, tubes etc.We press, for a short moment foils with different colours with heatable marking wheels signs on the material. The marking wheels are with 27 or 40 symbols. The symbols are 1,5 up to 3,0 mm high. It’s possible to make with special marking disc rings around the material.

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