Sun Simulator

QuickSun® 800-series Module Solar Simulators

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QuickSun® 800-series Module Solar Simulators use Xenon flash tubes for simulating solar irradiation. Complete IV-characteristics are recorded during one flash at desired intensity level when module is swept electronically from short circuit to open circuit

In order to comply with the Class AAA tolerances of the standard IEC 60904-09, ed. 2, proprietary optics has been developed for filtering the spectrum and improving irradiance non-uniformity. Since voltage, current and irradiance signals are recorded simultaneously, Short Term Instability (STI) is inherently 0% and in A class

800-Series simulators are routinely applied to measure standard mono/polycrystalline silicon, or a-Si, CdTe and CIS/CIGS PV modules. The measurement of thin film materials only requires filtering of the monitor cell in order to comply with the spectral response of the material to be measured

All 800-Series simulators can be equipped, or later upgraded, with an Add-on flash generator and flash tube. This increases duration of IV recording and improves Long Term Instability (LTI) which is necessary when testing high capacitance PV materials.

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